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Why Join?

Why not join? The rates are fair and the benefits are enormous..

The West Virginia Housing Institute Inc. is a trade association organized to promote and strengthen the factory-built industry in West Virginia.
Its members, officers and board of directors invite you to become a members of this growing organization that is dedicated to ensuring the prosperity of factory-built housing retailers, lenders, suppliers, community owners and transporters as the business climate continues to challenge our industry.
This vibrant business association combines years of experience and knowledge with a dynamic vision for the future of the industry in West Virginia and surrounding states.

We include large firms, but also many small ones that value representation before the Legislature and need up-to-the-minute information about regulatory changes at the West Virginia Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Board and in federal, state and local laws.
As a member of WVHI, you are not alone. This is the key to our success. All of us working in unison for our common good.


Our members regularly receive:.

The cutting-edge ability to guide the direction of your industry yearly through the annual convention

Potential membership on our board of directors

Access to our state website, where you can advertise or post a link.

A colorful, dynamic and newsy newsletter

Inclusion in our yearly membership booklet with a posting of your contact information in the booklet and online

Decision making in political races through our political action committee

Low membership fees

Affiliate membership in the national trade association to give you access to national news and information that affects your business.

Crucial networking opportunities with dealers, lenders, contractors, suppliers, community owners and lawyers

Legislative representation to promote laws to help you

Advocacy for fair taxation and in dealing with government agencies

Access at low cost to our annual convention

Regional information meetings, where we come out to meet you to discuss issues of importance to you

Pride in being a members of a financially sound organization that does not waste your money.

Private Home Sales Taxation x

The majority of those in the factory-built housing field are our members. We hope you will join, too. Strength through our membership is our most potent weapon. Our membership fees are extremely low when compared with others. We are only as strong as our membership.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Andrea Greene, Executive Director of the WVHI at (304) 346-8985 or mail@wvhi.org.

If you are ready to join us you can do so through the mail or email.

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