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West Virginia Housing Institute Inc. Scholarship Application

Applications are taken each December for the work done in the fall semester. That is an important distinction from most scholarship programs. WVHI scholarships, which are paid directly to the school, are awarded on the grades earned already by each student; they are not prospective.

Eligibility requirements:

  • You must be attending a college or university in West Virginia
  • You must have maintained a 2.5 grade point average in the prior (fall) semester
  • You must be found in one of the following categories: employed in the factory-built housing industry or be an immediate family member of an employee; you or a parent must have purchased a manufactured home sometime within the prior 12 months; you live permanently in a manufactured housing community.



Email address:

Cellphone number:

Candidates are required to submit their name in nomination to WVHI at mail@wvhi.org, must provide proof of their GPA , and must prove their intentions to carry a full academic load in the spring semester. Winners are chosen at lot.

WVHI offers four scholarships yearly: three for $1,000 for all candidates; a fourth, the Kevin and Donna Wilfong Scholarship, for $1,500, is eligible only to a student from northern West Virginia, defined as geographically living north of Flatwoods.

Questions: Call our office at (304) 346-8985 or email mail@wvhi.org.