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November 30, 2018Freddie Mac is bringing conventional financing to manufactured housing
October 18, 2018Virginia manufacturer wins leniency from WV regulators
July 24, 2018255 manufactured housing-related licenses renewed for 2018-19
June 27, 2018State is going to have to increase manufactured housing inspections, HUD says
March 29, 2018New manufactured housing retailer licensed in Moorefield
January 15, 2018Scholarship winners announced for 2018
December 20, 20172011 state law meeting focus
March 24, 2017New manufacturer and retailer approved by State Board
December 8, 2016State regulators fine Indiana firm that is told to quit making sales
July 27, 2016258 manufactured housing-related licenses renewed in WV
June 23, 2016Four contractor licenses issued by State Board
March 24, 2016Smith settlement proposal rejected; four licensed
July 23, 20152015-16 West Virginia licensed manufacturers, retailers and contractors
July 23, 2015 State regulators react negatively to Smith proposal on manufactured housing license
July 16, 2015Financial expert Dick Ernst advice to retailers and community owners about appraisals
July 15, 2015OSAH confined space rule effective in August 2015
May 21, 2015State Board issues three contractor licenses
May 18, 2015Sprinkler seminar in western Maryland on June 3
Mar 26, 2015Manufactured housing inspectors being added by DOL
Mar 17, 2015Appraisal webinar scheduled for 2 p.m. April 24
Dec 4, 2014Cease and desist legislation OK’d by state regulatory board
Nov 19, 2014Appalachian Power offers $1300 rebate for Energy Star manufactured homes in West Virgina
Oct 13, 2014High Price Mortgage Loan Appraisal Rules and Valuation Tools.
Oct 1, 2014What the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau thinks of the manufactured housing industry.
Aug 19, 2014New retailer approved for Princeton; two Ohio companies relicensed.
July 23, 2014 Manufactured homes stand up to wind tests better than stick-built homes, tests show.
July 10, 2014 265 companies renew manufactured housing licenses in West Virginia
July 3, 2014 Fogleman-hosted show wins top honors at WVHI convention
Jun 16, 2014West Virginia’s massive April manufactured home shipments showing puts state in the black
May 8, 2014Home mortgage self-finance law enacted by the 2014 Legislature
Apr 22, 2014New retail manufactured housing center licensed
Mar 13, 2014State Board levies fine for unlicensed contractor
Jan 17, 2014Simple guidance book on how retail center staff may deal with the federal Dodd-Frank Act.
Nov 12, 2013This is a summary, compiled by Marc Lifset (McGlinchey-Stafford, MHI’s law firm) and Tom Hodges (Clayton Homes), of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau’s loan originator (LO) compensation guidelines.
Oct 17, 2013Dodd-Frank Act Update
July 8, 2013Urgent action needed to gather cosponsors
Mar 28, 2013Smith and Jones to face criminal charges
Jan 10, 2013We would like to alert you to the fact that it looks like we will be facing at least two major challenges in the 2013 West Virginia Legislature, which meets February 13.
Dec 20, 2012The state's new 511 travel information system debuted in mid-December
Dec 5, 2012Two submissions to recovery fund approved
July 20, 2012 Clarifying about carbon monoxide detectors
Jun 28, 2012 Industry proposals for inspection changes rebuffed by State Board.
Jun 8, 2012 Results from the statewide meeting held at Flatwoods on June 7.
Mar 29, 2012 Quarterly reports may draw State Board attention; Home Expo licensed
Feb 15, 2012Three licensed by West Virginia regulatory board
Feb 2, 2012Proposed rule change in 2012 to manufactured housing community regulations
Jan 19, 2012Manufactured housing community legislation in West Virginia
Dec. 1, 2011Arizona company fined, license denied; nine other licenses approved
Oct 13, 2011Retailer license rejected by state regulatory board
Jul 12, 2011State Board issues fiscal 2011-12 licenses
Jun 18, 2011State board acts on five licenses; delays one
May 15, 2011SAFE Act
May 15, 2011Multiple new costs in line for manufacturers and housing industry
May 15, 2011Dodd-Frank
Mar 24, 2011Seven companies ordered to stop operating; one fined $1,000
Feb 1, 2011State Board approves manufacturer for business
Nov 16, 2010State Board approves contractor licenses
Sep 23, 2010$6,500 in fines imposed by state regulators
July 21, 2010President, secretary re-elected; five others elected to WVHI board
Apr 21, 2010MHI Conference Call
Apr 13, 2010State Board renews 110 retailer licenses and approves 14 new dealers
Mar 31, 2010Board Moves to Ensure Financial Integrity of Association
Mar 31, 2010 Question and answer from the IRS on tax credits for homebuyers
Mar 25, 2010 11 Home Show Locations Licensed to CMH Homes
Feb 10, 2010 New EPA regulations regarding painting of pre-1978 homes in parks
Dec 30, 2009 The West Virginia Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Board met December 30, 2009 by teleconference.
Nov 4, 2009 State regulatory board issues two licenses
Nov 02, 2009 FTC Delays Implementation of Red Flags Rule Until June 1, 2010
Sep 24, 2009 FEMA contractor fined, four others reprimanded for illegal flood work
Sep 2, 2009 State Board issues eight licenses: three manufacturers, five contractors
Aug 24, 2009 Possible Uniform Act Concerning Manufactured Housing
Aug 5, 2009Piszczor added to board
June 30, 2009Letter from state regulatory board to Gov. Manchin
June 18, 2009Gunnell offers industry assistance to protect the recovery fund
June 18, 2009Manufactured housing regulators go to bat for flooding victims
June 10, 2009Changes in the proposed subdivision ordinance
May 29, 2009HUD allowed tax credit for downpayments
May 1, 2009Red Flags implementation delayed until Aug. 1
April 29, 2009State Board issues contractor license
April 24, 2009Red Flag Policy
April 14, 2009Health TaskForce
April 2, 2009 West Virginia Housing Development Fund To Start Builder Homebuyer Financing Program
March 26, 2009State Board Meeting
Feb 24, 2009Frequently Asked Questions About the Home Buyer Tax Credit
Feb 3, 2009Fairmont businessman reappointed to affordable housing board
Jan 29, 2009 HUD approval of generic hinged-roof AC Letter – allowing installations without requiring AC Letter inspections
Jan 26, 2009 Generic Hinge Roof Ridge AC
Jan 22, 2009 “Unique” retailer’s license issued by State Board
Dec 4, 2008 Major changes proposed for community health rules by Wilfong
Oct 16, 2008 Fines levied by State Board; Chairwoman Cook says informal talks can start
Oct 3, 2008 The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 (The Act)
Sept 23, 2008 Retailers endorse $100 fee for ad campaign, but manufacturers delay vote
Sept 16, 2008 Ethics head says regulators can meet informally with regulated
Sept 10, 2008 Polling of 55 county health departments under way about mobile home parks
Sept 2, 2008 Tunnels ready again for full loads in mid-September after 2-year hiatus
Aug. 5, 2008 Four re-elected to the West Virginia Housing Institute Inc. board
Aug. 5, 2008 Dealer named to state regulatory board
July 20, 2008State plans to rewrite mobile home park rules
July 17, 2008State board approves 133 dealer licenses, while 12 did not renew
June 13, 2008Members with $10,000 surety bonds with DMV
May 8, 2008Election of board members
Apr. 16, 2008State regulators act on repeal issue
Apr. 9, 2008Industry awaits governor’s action on regulatory board appointments
Apr. 9, 2008Help in zoning fight in Berkeley County
Apr. 1, 2008 Governor signs repeal bill, change effective immediately, returns law
March 24, 2008Wilfong seeks conciliation; $9,075 in fines levied
Jan. 23, 2008Two contractors approved by state regulators at board’s first 2008 meeting
Dec. 11, 2007State imposing new $20 fee on all manufactured housing sales, real estate transactions
Nov. 8, 2007Fines imposed on most firms that are out of business
Oct. 11, 2007State regulators license one contractor
Sep. 25, 2007State regulators license five contractors
Aug. 29, 2007Three licenses issued by State Board, recovery funds expenditure OK’d
Aug. 1, 2007Two retailers licensed by regulatory board
June 21, 2007Woodrum to review dual licensing with federal counterparts
June 20, 2007New Ohio licensing requirements and information.
June 8, 2007Department of Transportation has decided to rescind its decision to require the licensing of our salespersons.
May 22, 2007Delay in implementing the $20 fee for sales fee until Jan. 1, 2008
May 3, 2007One retailer, one manufacturer and four contractors OK’d by state regulators
May 2, 2007Collection of new $20 fee on sales transactions
April 5, 2007Factory-built housing fares well in Legislature
March 16, 2007Three retailers, four contractors licensed
Nov. 14, 2006Legislative update (Special Session)
October 2006Tunnels - Alternate Routes
Oct. 27, 2006Tunnels - Letter from WVHI Co-president
Oct. 16, 2006Tunnels - Modular Support
Sept 13, 2006Letter to Govenor Kaine
Sept. 27-29, 2006Governor’s Conference on Housing
July 14, 2006Temporary resolution of the I-77 tunnels issue
June 23, 2006Compensation rates (BrickStreet)
June 15, 2006Issues at today’s state regulatory board meeting June 15, 2006
June 13, 2006Letter to Govenor Kaine
April 28, 2006Factory-built housing meeting set for May 10 in Fairmont
Apr. 6, 2006West Virginia Legislature passes antidiscriminatory legislation
Oct. 17, 2005Housing Institute opposes impact fee increase
Aug. 16, 2005Gov’s chief of staff, HUD official attend successful West Virginia convention Golf, auction, game show, amenities attracts nationwide
April 21, 2005Brown critical of regulators
March 31, 2005West Virginia Housing Institute does well in legislative session
Feb. 8, 2005West Virginia housing association formed; executive director announced

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